Das ZI begrüßt Evgeniya Makarova, M.A.

Von 17. April 2018 bis 19. Mai 2018 absolviert Evgeniya Makarova, McGill University, Kanada, ein durch Media@McGill (Professional Development Grant) ermöglichtes Praktikum am ZI









Evgeniya Makarova has obtained a Masters degree in Art History from the University of Geneva (Switzerland), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Art History & Communication Studies at McGill University (Canada). Her doctoral research, directed by Dr. Christine Ross, focuses on the architectural image in the context of the twentieth-century European totalitarian regimes: prints, drawings and paintings featuring built environment produced in Fascist Italy, Soviet Russia, and National Socialist Germany. From April 16, 2018 to May 19, 2018 Makarova will be studying ZI holdings pertaining to the Great German Art Exhibition (1937-1944) in order to understand the ways the media of painting and architecture interacted in the “Third Reich”. During her five-week stay, she will also be doing an internship under the supervision of Dr. Christian Fuhrmeister, learning about the various research strategies and administrative procedures associated with the Institute’s ongoing projects, such as the RIHA journal, RDK, and the upcoming conferences. Funding for Makarova's research and internship stay at ZI has been generously provided by Media@McGill (Professional Development Grant), Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies McGill University (Graduate Mobility Award), and Dr. Christine Ross.