Das ZI begrüßt Victoria Bugge Øye

Von Juli bis August 2018 ist Victoria Bugge Øye Juliane-und-Franz-Roh-Stipendiatin am ZI



Victoria Bugge Øye is a PhD candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture at Princeton University. Her field of research includes American and European architecture post-1945. She is a graduate from M.S. Critical, Curatorial & Conceptual Practices in Architecture at Columbia University, where she was awarded the prize for best thesis. Her writing has been featured in Domus, E-Flux and Los Angeles Review of Books, and she has participated in curatorial projects for the Buell Center, Storefront for Art and Architecture, The Lisbon Architecture Triennale, and the Canadian Center for Architecture.


Victoria Bugge Øye wird die Zeit am ZI nutzen, um an ihrem Projekt „Coop Himmelblau´s Architecture Machines, Vienna c. 1970“ zu arbeiten.