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Online-Seminar // Current Research. Lektüreseminar am ZI mit Stephen Campbell



von 14:00 bis 16:00

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Andrea Mantegna and the Question of Humanism


The branding of Andrea Mantegna as a “humanist” artist relies to a large extent on the conflation of his enterprise with that of the Leon Battista Alberti of De Pictura (1435): the writer prescribes, the artist follows. Since the late 19th century, and especially in the wake of the criticism of Bernard Berenson and Roberto Longhi, the notion of Mantegna as “humanist” has had a decidedly negative effect on his reputation, underlying repeated assertions of the artist’s “dryness” and “pedantry,” an aversion often centered on the confluence of emphatic obdurate materiality and the incipient violence of his painting. The presentation will depart from conventional understandings of the relation between Mantegna and Alberti, and consider his production in alignment with specific concerns of neo-Latin literary aesthetics post 1450.

Stephen Campbell is Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor at the Department of the History of Art at The Johns Hopkins University. His research and publication in the field of pre-modern Italian art have dealt with the role of art in courts, cities and state formation; the Renaissance literature and theory of art; the body, sex and gender; the histories of collecting and canon formation, and more recently the geographies of art in Italy and the Mediterranean. In 2020 he published Andrea Mantegna. Humanist Aesthetics, Faith, and the Force of Images.


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