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Easy Read

The Central Institute of Art History is a
research institute in Munich.
Its German name is “Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte”.
The short name is ZI.

The ZI works with many partners in Germany and in other countries.

The ZI also organizes events that anyone can go to.
This way, many people talk about art history and exchange ideas.
The ZI has a very large and important art historical library.
The library has:

  • books,
  • magazines,
  • catalogues,
  • photographs and
  • online databases.


People can use the library for research in art history.

Since the year 1979, Bavaria sponsors the ZI.
Bavaria is one of the federal states of Germany.
The Bavarian Ministry for Science and Art pays money to the ZI,
so they can do their work.
There are different thematic groups for research at the ZI.

The thematic groups are:

  • objects and materiality
  • the history of art history
  • what art has to do with history and politics
  • The research at the ZI is independent.


This means that no one else decides, what kind of research they do.
This is important, to do research
with different partners from other countries.
The ZI was founded in the year 1946.
It is in the “Kunstareal” in Munich.
The “Kunstareal” is an area in Munich
with many museums and universities.
This is a perfect spot for research in art history.