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Kazimierz Smoleń (1920-2012) et al.:

Auschwitz: photographs sent to the competition arranged by Państwowe Muzeum and the Board of the ZBoWiD Section in Oświęcim (Związek Bojowników o Wolność i Demokrację). -Oświecim : Państwowe Muzeum, 1965. - 94 S. - Text polnisch und englisch. - ZI-Signatur: LGt-Os 70/20 R
„In 1965, the Panstwowe Museum in Poland called for photographs of the concentration camp at Auschwitz for an exhibition. The best were published in Oswiecim/Auschwitz, a very small but haunting photobook. The photographs collected by the museum were taken from 1945 and 1965, but the majority share a particular vision. The camp is seen as a ruin, which predicates a poetic approach by the photographers (or the editor) to conveying what the place was about. Many of the photographs were taken in winter, when the camp was at its bleakest. They frequently show trees, as if nature could somehow expiate the worst crimes of mankind, though one of the great ironies about Auschwitz is that the camps were built amongst birch woods.“ (Badger, G. in: Parr, Martin / Badger, Gerry, The Photobook, Bd. II, p. 244)