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Rob Hornstra : Roots of the Rúntur

Rob Hornstra (*1975):
Roots of the Rúntur / tekst/text: Rob Hornstra, Ingvar Högni Ragnarsson. - Utrecht: Rob Hornstra, [2006]. – 112 ungez. S.
ZI-Signatur: D3-HORN 772/40 R
Vom Fotografen signiert
„In remote villages, teenagers sometimes drive around for hours in small cirkels, no larger than 500m: the Rúntur. Roots of the Rúntur is a social documentary that shows the changing face of Iceland, through this typical Icelandic phenomenon. In recent years, the traditional Icelandic fishing industry has turned into a mass industry. In order to supplement the workforce for the lower paid positions, many immigrants came to Iceland. These changes take their toll on the country and its people. For teenagers it is no longer logical to start their career in the fishing industry. They mainly seem to try and leave the desolate fishing villages behind them. Older people look back to the past wistfully and are annoyed by the lack of interest of the youngsters and immigrants for the history of their village. » (

Buchcover von einer Dreier Gruppe (2 Frauen, 1 Mann) die auf einem Parkplatz vor einen roten Auto stehen