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Dr. Ruben Suykerbuyk

James Loeb Fellowship, am ZI von September bis November 2018

Gruppe/n: Ehemalige Stipendiaten


  • PhD Art History and History Ghent University (2018)
  • RMA Art History Utrecht University (2013)
  • MA Art History Ghent University (2011)
  • BA Art History Ghent University (2010)

Publications (selection)

  • The matter of piety. Material culture in Zoutleeuw’s church of Saint Leonard (c. 1450-1620), PhD dissertation, Ghent University 2018.
  • with A.-L. Van Bruaene, ‘Towering piety. Sacrament houses, local patronage and an early Counter-Reformation spirit (1520-1566),’ in E.M. Kavaler, F. Scholten & J. Woodall (eds.) Netherlandish sculpture of the 16th century (Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 67), Leiden & Boston 2017, pp. 118-159.
  • ‘A royal reproduction. Michiel Coxcie’s copy of the Ghent Altarpiece (1557-1558), its documentary evidence and early reception,’ in S. Kemperdick, J. Rößler &. J.C. Heyder (eds.), The Ghent Altarpiece. Reproductions, interpretations, scholarly debates, Petersberg 2017, pp. 70-83.
  • ‘Reformation, renovation and commemoration. The religious patronage of a Brabantine lord (Zoutleeuw, 1548-58),’ Simiolus 39, 1-2 (2017), pp. 44-72.
  • with K. Jonckheere (eds.), Art after Iconoclasm. Painting in the Netherlands (1566-1585), Turnhout (Brepols) 2012.