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Koenraad Vos, M.A.

James Loeb Fellow 2021, September - November 2021

Gruppe/n: Ehem. Fellows


Koenraad Vos is a PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of Cambridge. He has an interest in the display of sculpture in European museums at the beginning of the nineteenth century, focussing on the Vatican’s Museo Chiaramonti (1805-1808) and the role of fragmentation and assemblage in its display of ancient art. Before studying for an MPhil at Cambridge he graduated cum laude from Leiden University (research MA in Arts & Culture) with a thesis on the philosophy of Edgar Wind (1900-1971) and studied History of Art at Utrecht University, where he also did a minor in aesthetics and took part in the university's Humanities College, the honours programme of the humanities faculty. He was editor-in-chief of the Utrecht-based, student-run journal Article for several years and worked on a recently-published research project on the artist and curator Wybrand Hendriks (1744-1831) at Teylers Museum in Haarlem.