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Rachel Danford

Stipendiatin der Samuel H. Kress Foundation, September 2014 - Juli 2016

Gruppe/n: Ehem. Fellows


  • Mai 2010 | Johns Hopkins University, M.A. History of Art
  • Juni 2008 | Stanford University, B.A. Art History (with honors and distinction), minor in Archaeology
  • Major Grants/Fellowships: Stipendiatin der Samuel H. Kress Foundation (am ZI ab dem 18.09.2014); The Dean’s Teaching Fellowship (27.01.2014-22.05.2014, Johns Hopkins University); The Robert and Nancy Hall Curatorial Fellowship (28.01.2013-31.05.2013, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA); The Robert and Nancy Hall Teaching Fellowship (28.01.2013-23.05.2013, Johns Hopkins University)

[Stand: September 2014]


  • “‘Cast Not to the Beasts the Souls that Confess You’ – Images of Mouths at the Cathedral of St. Lazare at Autun”. In: The Rutgers Art Review 29 (2014): 4-21.