Tait: Performing the Self: Conceptions of Artistic ‘Identity’ in the FRG 1961-1989

The project will examine conceptions of artistic identity in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), including artistic self-fashionings, particularly through self-portraiture, as well as how artistic identity is discussed in the contemporaneous German critical literature. What did it mean to construct an artistic persona in West Germany? What different conceptions of ‘identity’ – artistic, as well as, private and public, mass and individual – existed in Cold War Germany? And how were these being challenged and redefined by cultural producers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s? The project aims to articulate how these artistic self-stagings are embedded not only in the politicised formalist debates in postwar Germany, but also in the broader cultural questioning of identity construction in the FRG during the Cold War.

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Vortrag Barbara Vinken
31.01.2018 18:15 - 19:30
Vortrag Gabriele Genge
07.02.2018 18:15 - 19:30
Vortrag Dietrich Erben
14.02.2018 18:15 - 19:30
Workshop: Fingerspitzengefühl - Zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft
15.02.2018 - 16.02.2018
Vortrag Hans Körner
15.02.2018 18:15 - 20:00
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