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Brief description

Forschungsstelle Realienkunde / Reallexikon zur Deutschen Kunstgeschichte

Brief description

The Reallexikon zur Deutschen Kunstgeschichte (RDK) is a reference book published in fascicles. Twelve fascicles make up a volume. At present nine volumes are available.

The encyclopaedia features entries about architecture, fine arts and crafts and their respective traditions. Furthermore, it refers to materials and techniques (cf. the list of keywords of vols. I-X). The encyclopaedia does not include biographic or topographic lemmata. With regard to Christian iconography, the iconography of Christ and Mary is dealt with, as well as certain figures of the Old and New Testament; the Saints and Elects of the Catholic church, however, are not included. Gods and heroes of Antiquity appear under their latin names. The articles of the RDK place particular emphasis on examples from Central Europe, with special consideration of the German-speaking territories from the early Middle Ages to the early 20th century.

In 1970, the editorial office became a department of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte. At present, it employs three art historians.


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80801 München
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Augustyn


Further information

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  • Augustyn, Wolfgang: Das Reallexikon zur Deutschen Kunstgeschichte
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