Dr. Elizabeth Savage

Wolfgang-Ratjen-Preis, Juli bis August 2018

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Dr Elizabeth Savage (née Upper) is British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Material Text, Faculty of English, and Research Fellow, Department of History of Art at Cambridge University. While taking her Gerda Henkel Stiftung-funded PhD in History of Art at Cambridge University, she was elected Munby Fellow in Bibliography. She has co-edited Printing Colour 1400–1700: Histories, Techniques, Functions and Receptions (2015) and curated exhibitions at the British Museum and Cambridge University Library, and her next book is under contract with the British Academy/Oxford University Press. She has held fellowships at institutions including the Herzog August Bibliothek, Newberry Library and Warburg Institute, and her research has received awards from the Bibliographical Society of America and American Printing History Association.


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