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Savage: Printing Colour 1700–1830

During her fellowship, Elizabeth Savage will undertake research for her contributions to Printing Colour 1700–1830 (under contract in British Academy Proceedings, Oxford University Press, anticipated 2020). It offers the first handbook of early modern colour printmaking 1700–1830, from the invention of full-colour printing until chromolithography. For the first time, it presents new information about influential fine art prints and books alongside far more common but now little-known material, from vibrant textiles and wall papers to ‘printed’ porcelain. In doing so, it creates a new, interdisciplinary paradigm for the history of graphic art that transcends the modern disciplines. It proposes art historical, bibliographical, technical and scientific contexts for understanding the many thousands of individual colour prints—and printed objects—that were produced across Europe in the long eighteenth century, as well as their markets. Taken together, these prints, books, textiles, household objects, ephemera, banknotes, and other artefacts of print heritage demonstrate that colour prints were not rare outliers of fine art and elite scientific imagery during the long eighteenth century, but essential components of book, print and visual cultures.