Workshop // Drawing as Epistemic Tool in the Practice of Art History



von 13:00 bis 18:30


Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Katharina-von-Bora-Str. 10, München, Raum 242, II. OG

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Many of the most recognized art historians of the last two centuries have drawn to study art in all its forms. Burckhardt, Morelli, Cavalcaselle, Justi, Wölfflin, Warburg, Baltrušaitis, Schapiro, Steinberg, Damisch all used the graphic instrument to see, understand and explain painting, architecture or sculpture. The purpose of this workshop is to evaluate how drawing can contribute to the emergence, production and transmission of a specific knowledge about artistic objects. In this perspective, a special attention will be devoted to the epistemic potentials of the graphic tool.

Workshop // Drawing as Epistemic Tool in the Practice of Art History
Leo Steinberg, Study of the Cappella Cerasi, c. 1958, private collection


13:30 Opening lecture
Jérémie Koering // Drawn Art History. Just a sketch

Susanne Müller-Bechtel// Der Zeichenstift folgt dem Auge. Zur Forschungspraxis von G. B. Cavalcaselle

Michela Passini // Louis Dimier dessine. Anthropologie d’une pratique savante

15:30-15:45 discussion

15:00-16:15 break

Kerstin Thomas // Aktualität und Potentialität. Die aneignende Zeichnung als Aufzeichnungsmittel expressiver Bildformen

Annamaria Ducci // Comprendre la stylistique par le croquis. Jurgis Baltrusaitis et l’étude de l’art médiéval

17:15-17:30 discussion

17:30-17:45 break

Matteo Burioni // Leo’s Lines. Steinberg and Architecture

Tamar Mayer // Notes of a traveler – between writing and sketching in the notebooks of Moshe Barasch

18:45-19:00 discussion

The workshop precedes the exhibition "Drawn Art History: Art Historian’s Drawings as Epistemic Tool" in 2021.