Panofsky Lecture

The Panofsky professor holds the Panofsky Lecture.
In der Panofsky Lecture stellt die/der Träger/in der Panofsky-Professur ihre/seine Forschungen vor.


13. Juni 2018
Caroline van Eck: Piranesi and his Museum. Style Formation, Agency and the Revival of Antiquity in the Age of Neo-Classicism

20. Juni 2017
Gauvin Alexander Bailey: The Palace of Sans-Souci in Milot, Haiti (1811-13): the Untold Story of the Potsdam of the Rainforest

21. Juni 2016
Victor I. Stoichiță: Über einige telepathische Dispositive. Carpaccio bei den Schiavoni in Venedig
Publikation des Vortrags