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RIHA Lecture // Éric de Chassey: How do we write a more global, more inclusive, history of art - and is it worth trying?
Aus Anlass des elfjährigen Bestehens des RIHA Journal, 2010-2020
Symposium // Das Skulpturale im (post-)digitalen Zeitalter
Das Symposium möchte aktuelle Forschungsperspektiven zu historischen und zeitgenössischen skulpturalen Phänomenen gemeinsam erörtern, insbesondere wie digitale Technologien das Verständnis von Skulptur und des Skulpturalen konfigurieren.
Online-Vortrag // Mercedes Bunz: On the Culture of Artificial Intelligence
Developments in computer programming such as ‘machine learning’ have resulted in a digital technology that is not anymore just managing information but also processing language and interpreting images – and as such has started to identify meaning. This talk will explore to what extend this has shifted the faultlines and relations between the fields of culture and technology using research from the Creative AI Lab, a collaboration of the Serpentine Gallery with King’s College London.
Online-Vortrag // Christiane Paul: Art & AI – The Question of Intelligence
In his 1967 poem All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace Richard Brautigan envisioned a cybernetic utopia where humans and computers coexist in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Whether one reads the poem as utopian or as ironic critique, it is interesting to compare today's complex landscape of human-computer relationships and the ambient artificial intelligence surrounding us to the “programming harmony” Brautigan imagined. [...]